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What is Scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking is the decorative craft of preserving photographs and memorabilia for future generations. It is about documenting someone's history. It may only be a single person or an entire family.

What is your favourite family memory?
Where are your photographs?

Scrapbooking allows you to organise those shoeboxes and drawers full of photographs. It provides the perfect outlet for your creativity.

You can connect the generations in your family by comparing photographs and stories of different decades. A great way to get family members talking and feeling good about themselves. Everyone enjoys the attention. 

Why not make them an album and show them that you care?

Scrapbooking allows us to get back to traditional family values. Spending time with family members and communicating with each other. You can make a scrapbook for your children, your parent's wedding anniversary, your Mother's 60th, your favourite family vacation, your son's 21st, your daughter's 30th, your husband for Father's Day, your children's sporting achievements, your last year of school, your family reunion, your house renovations, your business portfolios...

Can I make a Scrapbook?

If you can take a photograph, cut and glue, you can make a Scrapbook. 

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